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    About Us

    Driving Strategic Success: Professional Strategy Advisor for Defense, Government, and Private Sector Integration.

    We leverage a diverse background in whole-of-government strategy development to help leaders think more broadly, creating
    comprehensive strategies and integrating solutions that span industries and sectors for your products and services.

    Defense and Government Strategy Discovery and Alignment for Private Sector Proposals:
    Advising private sector proposals on how to align with defense and government strategy needs. Including dual-use market placement, design for growth, and expansion.

    Private Sector Product Integration to Defense and Government:
    Advising on integrating private sector products into defense, government, training, exercise, and other real-world applications.

    Fractional Senior Level Strategy Advisor / Defense SME:
    Providing advisory services to C-Suite Executives or as an advisory board member with expertise in defense, government, and private sector integration