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  • Albacore Park Announces New Museum Gallery Exhibit Opens Saturday, June 1, 2019

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    May 02, 2019

    Albacore Park, 600 Market Street, a National Historic Landmark Site and Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce the formal opening of their new Museum Exhibit entitled, “Portsmouth Built Submarines” on Saturday, June 1, 2019. This will be an all-day event and free to the public. 

    Established by the Federal Government in 1800, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) launched its first product, the 74-gun warship USS WASHINGTON, in 1815. During World War I, the PNSY workforce expanded to nearly 5,000. At this time, PNSY took on a new and important role-the construction of submarines-in addition to the overhaul and repair of surface vessels. World War II saw the civilian employment rolls swell to over 25,000. Over the course of World War II over 70 submarines were constructed at PNSY, with a record four submarines launched on one day.  Following World War II, PNSY was the Navy's center for submarine design and development. The USS ALBACORE, with its revolutionary "teardrop" shaped hull and round cross-section, set the standard for all subsequent submarine hull design worldwide. PNSY continued to build submarines until 1969, when the last submarine built in a public shipyard, the nuclear powered USS SAND LANCE, was launched. Today the Shipyard continues the tradition of excellence and service to the Navy and the nation by supplying the Submarine Fleet with high quality, affordable, overhaul, refueling, and modernization work. 

    Executive Director Patti Violette said, “The connection to submariners and the Shipyard is epic with so many boats being built and maintained.  We are pleased to feature a few of those submarines in our new exhibit while continuing to honor those who have served on board submarines.”

    Violette went on to say that the following submarines will be highlighted in the new exhibit, “Of course, the main focus will be on our own USS Albacore, AGSS-569 along with the USS Thresher, SSN-593; USS Squalus, SS-192 (later renamed USS Sailfish); USS Jack, SSN-605; and a new addition of the USS Dolphin, AGSS-555. The USS Dolphin prototype is special due to her experimental trials -  much like the Albacore.  While the Albacore was known for her speeds while submerged, the Dolphin stood out with her ability to dive the deepest.” The new exhibit will run through December 2019.

    Albacore Park, the formal site for the USS Albacore Submarine and museum and home of the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association, provides a sprawling park for everyone’s enjoyment. Daily tours of the submarine run from 9:30 a.m. Albacore Park is one of Portsmouth’s most unique historical gems and all are welcome! For more information, please call 603-436-3680 or visit their Facebook page.

    Patti Violette, Executive Director
    (603) 436-3680