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  • City of Portsmouth NH Seeks Qualified Developers for Creation of Permanent, Below Market Rate Housing on Municipal Property

    PORTSMOUTH—The City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire (“the City”) seeks Letters of Interest with Statements of Qualifications from real estate developers regarding their capacity to design and construct permanent, below market rate housing at the Municipal Property located at 35 Sherburne Road. The ultimate disposition of the existing structures and other aspects of a potential development scenario for the site will be subject to negotiation.

    Respondents are encouraged to submit qualifications that demonstrate their experience with innovative approaches to various permanent, below market rate housing development types and built projects.

    Submission requirements may be obtained from the City’s website at 52-24SherburneFinal.pdf (cityofportsmouth.com)

    Addenda to this proposal, if any, including written answers to questions, will be posted on the City of Portsmouth website under the project heading. Questions may be addressed to the Purchasing Coordinator at purchasing@cityofportsmouth.com.

    Sealed Letters of Interest with Statement of Qualifications, plainly marked “REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS # 52-24 For Entities Engaged in Permanent, Below Market Rate Housing Development for Municipal Property at 35 Sherburne Road, Portsmouth, NH” on the outside of the mailing envelope, addressed to the Finance/Purchasing Department, City Hall, 1 Junkins Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801 will be accepted no later than 1 p.m. on June 7, 2024. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    The City of Portsmouth reserves the right to reject any or all statements of qualifications, to waive technical or legal deficiencies, to request financial references and current bonding limits at a future time, to proceed or not to proceed with any subsequent proposal process, or to negotiate without further process any contract as may be in the best interest of the City.